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Analog photography

Portret foto Fotograaf Moreno Molenaar

Technology is developing quickly, you can also see that with a photo camera.
“The more megapixels the better” but is it about the megapixels?
There's more to taking a photo than just the megapixels or the latest technology.
I never experienced the time when I photographed analog.
Maybe when I was little, but I don't remember much about it.

Over time I have come to learn more and more about how analog photography works.
At the moment I am also developing and digitizing my own rolls.


Why analog when you can take pictures more easily with a modern camera?

I wanted to learn a lot about photography and for that I wanted to start at the beginning. 

It does slow me down, because an analog photo is not taken that quickly.

You have to measure with a light meter and focus manually. 

Normally you immediately see the result on your digital camera, but now I only see the result when the photos have been developed and digitized.


This of course also keeps it exciting. Sometimes I developed photos where I later saw that I had made mistakes.

It's a shame, of course, but you learn from this.


I have started to look at things differently and I would like to share this with people.

Just like shooting abandoned places, where my passion for photography started, analog photography also takes you into another time.

It's especially fun when people ask "What year is this photo from?" and you reply with: “Last week.”

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